Trump declares national state of emergency, expands oil purchases


Trump declares national state of emergency, expands oil purchases

Today President Trump addressed the nation from the White House amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“To unleash the full power of the federal government though this effort today I am officially declaring a national emergency.”

Trump says the declaration asks every state to set up emergency operation centers immediately and will suspend regulations that prevent medical professionals from providing the best resources to combat the virus.

Trump announced he has also instructed the Secretary of Energy to purchase large quantities of crude oil for storage in the US strategic reserve.

“Saving the American tax payer billions and billions of dollars, helping our oil industry and making us even further toward that wonderful goal that nobody that was possible of energy independence.”

Trump says the administration is working with the private sector to dramatically increase the availability of coronavirus tests across the country. Deborah Birx, coronavirus response coordinator, says they have developed a new system involving a screening website facilitated by Google and drive thru testing centers that provide results in 24-36 hours.

Officials from Walmart, Walgreens, Target and CVS announced that they will provide parking lot space in critical areas for drive-thru COVID-19 testing and remain open to supply customers with food and household essentials.

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