La Niña likely this fall, winter


La Niña likely this fall, winter

Recent hot and dry conditions as well as other factors are indicating the U.S. is heading into a La Niña weather pattern this fall, according to Nutrien Ag Solutions Meteorologist Eric Snodgrass.

“It does appear that as we go into the end of summer and into fall, we’re going to have more characteristic La Niña-like weather,” he says. “That would be good honestly for fall because it would mean warmer and then drier conditions at the end of fall, which given how quickly this crop has progressed we would be able to maybe get it out and get some fall application done.”

But, he says winter would likely be cold and wet in the Midwest.

“Should the La Nina continue and should it be the more dominant force going through the winter, it might give us a bit more snow and a bit of cooler weather,” he says.

Snodgrass says he would describe 2020 conditions as “flirting with disaster” with the North Pacific Jet Stream continuing to move and bring regular weather systems.

This story originally appeared on the Voice of Muscatine. Read More local stories here.

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