MHS junior giving back to the school district

Muscatine High School Junior Silas Hoffman and Sarah King, Grant 5th Grade Elementary teacher
Some of the buttons Hoffman has made for the MCSD Elementary schools.

Technology has shown the ability to make most everything you would want a reality. One Muscatine High School student has taken his love for robotics and decided to give back to the school district he knowns and loves. Silas Hoffman is a junior at MHS and is part of the Robotics team.

When the current pandemic started, that’s about the time when Hoffman saw a YouTube video that gave him an idea. “That’s when I started making Personal Protective Equipment like I saw in videos” he said. It wasn’t long before he was making ear savers and face shields using 3D printers that the Robotics team uses all the time.

He said he and others were making thousands of the ear savers and began donating them to all over Muscatine. Recently his focus has shifted more to buttons now that school is back in session. Hoffman has been creating buttons with the pictures of MCSD teachers and staff’s faces on them. He presented these buttons at a small event at Grant Elementary school where he attended grade school.

Hoffman said the school district sent him all the staff and teacher’s pictures. He has all the elementary schools and MCDS office members done. He says he will see how the students, teachers and staff like them before beginning on the middle and perhaps the high school buttons as well.

He closed by saying ” I can’t believe being a young kid and going to school and not even being able to know what my teacher even looked like.” He continued saying that’s why he felt the need to give back to the school district because he knew he could make a difference.

This story originally appeared on the Voice of Muscatine. Read More local stories here.

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