MAC Cross Country All-Conference results


First Team                                                                           Second Team

Kole Sommer                     Pleasant Valley                                 Sam Gordon                       Muscatine

Tarun Vedula                     Pleasant Valley                                 Jacob Mumey                    Pleasant Valley

Nick Moore                        Bettendorf                                         Xavier Potts                        Bettendorf

Luke Knepp                        Pleasant Valley                                 TJ Fitpatrick                        Assumption

Grant Tebbe                      Pleasant Valley                                 Chase Porter                      North Scott

Owen West                        North Scott                                         Jackson Hessel                  Davenport West

Chase Wakefield                              Bettendorf                                         Ethan Jost                           North Scott


First Team                                                                           Second Team

Hannah Beintema                            Bettendorf                                         Bailey Boddicker               North Scott

Bella D’Antico                    Pleasant Valley                                 Morgan Jennings                             Assumption

Camryn Sattler                  Clinton                                  Lexi Minard                        Pleasant Valley

Emily See                             Bettendorf                                         Josie Case                           Pleasant Valley

Laney Fitzpatrick                 Assumption                                        Skylar Hoffman                 Assumption

Sammy Foht                       Bettendorf                                         Adrienne Theisen                   Assumption

Lizzie McVey                      Pleasant Valley                                 Lydia Sommer                   Pleasant Valley

Varsity Boys Team Results                                                                           Varsity Girls Team Results

1              Pleasant Valley                 21                           1              Pleasant Valley                 44

2              Bettendorf                         55                           2              Bettendorf                         50

3              North Scott                         92                           3              Assumption                        64

4              Muscatine                           120                         4              North Scott                         122

5              Assumption                        128                         5              Davenport Central                           139

6              Davenport Central              131                         6              Clinton                  145

7              Clinton                                  196                          7              Muscatine                           199

8              Davenport North                  223                       8              Davenport West                               212

9              Davenport West                   237                         9              Central DeWitt                  242

10           Central DeWitt                  242                         10           Daveport North                                DNF

Boys Coach of the Year: Erik Belby, Pleasant Valley

Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year:  Erin Flynn, Bettendorf

This story originally appeared on the Voice of Muscatine. Read More local stories here.

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