Traffic restrictions to flip sides for Phase 1 of Park Avenue Project

Press Release:

Phase 1 of the Park Avenue 4-to-3 Lane Conversion Project will flip sides on Friday, November 6, as Heuer Construction, Inc., has completed full depth patching as part of Phase 1A and prepares to begin full depth patching in Phase 1B.

Phase 1 of the project focuses on 2nd Street between Cypress and 4th Street with full-depth patching along with sidewalk and driveway replacement.

The westbound two lanes have been closed to traffic while work on Phase 1A has progressed with traffic restricted to two-way traffic in the eastbound two lanes. Construction crews will move the traffic control devices Friday morning, moving the travel lanes to the westbound side of the street and closing off the eastbound two lanes for work on Phase 1B.

Part of Phase 1 of the project will be the replacement of the traffic signals at the intersection of Highway 92 and East 2nd Street. Preliminary work for the replacement has been ongoing and the new traffic standards are expected to arrive in December or January.

Drivers are advised to use caution when travelling through construction areas and be alert for workers and signs. Drivers are urged to find alternate routes of travel if possible.

This story originally appeared on the Voice of Muscatine. Read More local stories here.

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