Iowa farmer anticipates a climate-focused Biden Administration


Iowa farmer anticipates a climate-focused Biden Administration

An Iowa farmer says it’s clear the incoming Biden Administration will put an emphasis on climate change.

Brent Renner of Klemme tells Brownfield he’s pretty comfortable with Ag Secretary-designate Tom Vilsack.

“Vilsack has already made it clear that he’s going to focus a lot on climate and how we can, from our ag industry, affect or hopefully help that.”

The corn, soybean, and cow/calf producer expects USDA to roll out a lot of new programs related to climate.

Renner says it’s hard for him to wrap his head around how carbon credits might work.

“Do I think that it’s possible and likely? Yeah, I do. Somebody is going to figure out how to do it, just don’t know how and what that’s going to look like moving forward. But that also makes it a little exciting.”

Renner says farmers would feel more comfortable trying newer practices if they’re assured there’s going to be some kind of incentive attached to it.

This story originally appeared on the Voice of Muscatine. Read More local stories here.

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