Blue Grass pair facing charges for growing marijuana, ‘shrooms

Ilana Sylvie Poulin, Timothy Owen Doyle [photos courtesy]

The first plea was entered in the case of a man and woman from Blue Grass arrested in July for allegedly growing marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms in their house.

Ilana Sylvie Poulin, 43, was arrested after she came to the police station with her daughter on July 21, to report an incident at their home.

During a search of the residence, investigators detected a strong marijuana smell and drug paraphernalia in almost every room.

“When I opened a closet door in the master bedroom to take photographs, I uncovered a complete marijuana grow operation with approximately 16 potted marijuana plants and numerous psilocybin mushroom labs along with numerous canisters with fully grown psilocybin mushrooms in each of the containers, all of which were in plain view,” according to the report.

Seven grams of psilocybin mushrooms, sixteen potted marijuana plants and approximately two to four pounds of marijuana and other THC products were seized, police said.

Poulin, who entered a not guilt plea on Friday, and her boyfriend, Timothy Owen Doyle, 33, admitted to owning the drugs.

Both were charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to deliver and failure to affix drug stamps, and one count of child endangerment.

Poulin was also charged with one count each of conspiracy and gathering for use of drugs, for reportedly hosting a drug house.

Doyle’s arraignment hearing was to take place last week, but was moved to August 19.