Iowa farmer on rising input costs: “A lot of ways to skin that cat”

August 25, 2021 By Filed Under: Crops, Iowa, News

Farmers are trying to determine the best time to lock in crop inputs as fertilizer prices continue to climb.

Corey Hillebo grows corn, soybeans, and raises hogs near Polk City in central Iowa.

“That’s tough, (and) there are a lot of ways to skin that cat. We’ve had a couple conversations with some agronomists that we deal with, and have another guy coming today we’re going to talk to (about inputs).”

He tells Brownfield on-farm manure will be a major part of his fertility strategy.

“Maybe not use the nitrogen (recommendation) off the manure and go back to a phosphorous (recommendation) and maybe lower our rates and get over more acres with the manure itself.”

Hillebo says they’ve also invested in building up soil fertility the past five years.

“And then this would maybe be the potential year that maybe we just do removal rates and rely on what you’ve been putting in the bank, I guess.”

The last time he priced fertilizer for 2022, anhydrous was 76 percent more expensive than last year, potash was up 67 percent, and UAN prices were more than 100 percent higher.