Iowa farmer encouraged by trade direction

A central Iowa corn and soybean farmer likes the direction trade is going.

Tim Bardole of Rippey, who serves as an at-large director for the Iowa Soybean Association, says much of the strength in crop prices is based on a tight outlook for global ending stocks. “It’s obvious there has been some weather issues around the globe, and China, you know, getting back in the market this past year has been a real boos for our prices.”

He tells Brownfield a silver lining to the trade war with China has been new and improved relationships with other countries. “The bright spot of the whole issue is how much additional connections and trade that we’re getting with new countries that really weren’t in the market for U.S. soybeans before.”

Bardole points to Egypt, Latin America, and Pakistan as markets that grew for the U.S. during the year-and-a-half trade war.