North Iowa farmer picking corn to cash in on September basis

A north Iowa farmer started harvesting corn this week.

Rusty Olson of Garner says he has a field on lighter ground that he tries to plant early every year.

“It’s worked pretty well. I always try to catch a September basis (because) in my farming career anyway I’ve always seen a little bit of a push to get some corn rolling in September.”

Moisture is averaging 24 percent, but Olson tells Brownfield that’s okay because he has a very efficient dryer setup.

“If you can catch a premium at our ethanol plants or feed mills in our area, it works. The numbers look good, we’re catching a really good basis right now and it’s an early variety on a fast farm. So you give up a little bit on yield, but the cash flow seems to work for me anyway.”

Olson says he expects corn yields to be respectable this fall, but his soybean yields will suffer because of dryness throughout August.