Iowa farmer preparing for what could be most expensive crop ever

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A farmer in southeast Iowa is preparing to grow what could be his most expensive crop ever in 2022.

Mark Jackson of Oskaloosa tells Brownfield he’s already seeing the impact of higher input costs as he plans for the upcoming growing season.

“Because of our fertilizer costs, chemical costs, and other input costs across the board (and) machinery as well. Careful what you wish for is the bottom line when we get high prices.”

Jackson hopes to capture a big profit from this year’s harvest, just like he did the last time corn was above $5 and soybeans were above $12 per-bushel.

“2013 and ’14 when we had our last peak, we were able to upgrade and update the machinery just because you know the cycle of what we do is just that, up and down. So I think it’s important that we look ahead.”

Jackson is a few days into harvest and says he’s delivering soybeans priced around $12.20 with a 65-cent basis.