Shop smart this October to benefit breast cancer patients

Courtesy Susan G. Komen Foundation

It is not always easy to tell how your charitable dollars are going to be used, especially during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Honored every October, this is a time of year when many companies use pink logos on product packaging to symbolize support for breast cancer-related charities. Unfortunately, these symbols are not always backed by a promise that proceeds will directly support research or those living with breast cancer.

In the case of Susan G. Komen and its Live Pink program, the organization works closely with all its partners to ensure program details are transparent to consumers.

Because many consumers are doing much of their shopping online these days, Komen has created a site that makes it easy and safe to shop for a cause. Visit to shop and learn more.

“It just takes a moment to get involved and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer,” said Sarah Rosales, vice president of corporate partnerships, Susan G. Komen. “We’re honored to have so many partners giving consumers an opportunity to support breast cancer patients and fund lifesaving research.”

Want to ensure you are making the biggest impact possible? Before making any purchase you assume benefits the fight against breast cancer, Susan G. Komen recommends asking the following questions:

  1. Who is the program supporting? Is it clear what charity is benefiting from the program?  Susan G. Komen, for example, requires all of its partners to clearly state that their program benefits the organization. In many cases, they will include Komen’s iconic logo on their packaging.
  2. How will the charity use the donation? It should be clear where the proceeds go. Look for programs that support organizations that take a 360-degree approach to fighting the disease by funding breakthrough research, supporting compassionate public policy and providing patient support.
  3. How is the program structured? Transparency is key. Is the company clearly stating how the money is raised and how much will be going to charity? For example, if it’s a donation per purchase structure, ask how much of the purchase price benefits the charity. Is there a minimum or maximum contribution? Is it a flat donation regardless of sale?

By shopping savvy this National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can ensure your purchases are making the biggest impact possible.

— StatePoint