Iowa farmer concerned about parts availability for next spring

A farmer in north central Iowa is preparing for spring breakdowns six months before he’d likely begin field prep for next year’s crop.

Casey Schlichting of Clear Lake says he expects parts shortages to be a problem in 2022.

“If you need field cultivator sweeps for next spring, or if you need planter parts, that’s my main worry. I went down and inventoried some filters, looked the planter over for just miscellaneous stuff (like) seed tube sensors. Just that stuff you like to have on hand.”

He tells Brownfield he usually places those orders in March.

“I think we’re going to have to do that now just to make sure we have everything.”

But he acknowledges doing that probably stresses the supply chain even more.

“It’s bad enough just dealing with supply issues the way they are, and then (John) Deere being on strike I’m sure doesn’t help things much. But it’s the hand we’re dealt, so that’s kind of what we have to play.”

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