Make a new year’s resolution to help others — by giving blood

By Matt Kelley, Radio Iowa
The Iowa chapter of the American Red Cross is starting out 2022 much as it always does, with a critical need for blood donors as blood supplies are dangerously low.

Agency spokeswoman Sue Thesenga says she’s hoping the blood shortage in the new year makes people stop and think about what they can do to help year-round.

“We really encourage people to resolve to do something good this year and blood donation is a very easy way to make a resolution to help people in need,” Thesenga says. “It only takes an hour of someone’s time and it doesn’t cost a dime.”

The Red Cross is in need of all blood types, especially those with type O, which is considered a universal type for transfusions.

You can safely donate blood every 56 days,” she says. “So a lot of times donors donate once or twice during the year, and that is fabulous, but if they donated more regularly and more often, that would probably help us avoid situations like we’re in right now.”

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