Eastern Iowa farmer says winter calving is going well

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Winter calving is going well for a cow/calf producer in east-central Iowa.

Lance Lillibridge raises red angus cattle near Vinton.

“So far we’ve done really well. This has been a great December (and) January for us to calve. We haven’t had super cold temperatures, we’ve had some cold nights. But these cows are just good momma cows and they get their calves up, warmed up, cleaned off and dried, and they’re just doing super well.”

He tells Brownfield they delivered five baby calves early Friday morning.

“We’re very busy. We’re not just holed up by a warm fire, we’re outside at 3 o’clock in the morning checking momma cows, warming up babies, and enjoying that.”

Lillibridge says they constantly check heifers to make sure there aren’t breaches or calves coming out backwards.