Time to nominate your favorite burger for best in state

Last year’s winner from Bambino’s in Ossian.

By Pat Powers, KQWC for Radio Iowa
Whether you like them cooked medium rare and loaded with bacon, cheese and the rest of the fixings or simply with ketchup and a pickle, the search is on to find Iowa’s Best Burger for 2022.

Kylie Peterson is the spokeswoman for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “The restaurant industry plays a very important role in the beef industry and although burgers are often the standard fare, we know from experience that winners of this contest are well above standard. They often serve some outstanding burgers,” Peterson says. “Finding those great burgers depends on Iowans choosing from their favorites and nominating them.”

Peterson says the guidelines for discovering the best burger in the state are relatively simple. “We’re looking for a burger that is a 100% pure beef patty. It needs to be served on a bun or bread product,” Peterson says. ”

Any spices can be added to the patty and any combination of condiments and toppings can be on the patty. We’re just looking for your favorite in the state of Iowa.” Even making the top ten best burgers can have a big impact on a local restaurant, let alone being named the grand champion.

“Bambino’s from Ossian, Iowa, was the 2021 winner of the contest,” Peterson says. “Bambino’s saw a 70% increase in burger sales after winning the contest which is huge, huge for their business.” The deadline for entries is March 14th, after which the top ten will be named and a secret panel of judges will narrow down the choices.

The winner will be named May 2nd. To nominate a restaurant, visit the website: www.iabeef.org.