Muscatine high school students attend NHSSMUN conference in New York City

[Photo courtesy Stanley Center for Peace and Security Facebook]

A group of Muscatine High School students had the chance to experience a thrilling opportunity last week as they hit The Big Apple to attend the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) Conference.

In association with the Stanley Center For Peace and Security’s Global Education Program, these local students were given the opportunity to listen, ask questions, and interact with their international peers.

Student delegates looked at a variety of topics such as economics, human rights, politics, and science from a South Korean perspective, the country they are designated to represent.

Muscatine students also met with other student delegates from across the globe to cooperate, compromise, and build consensus around complex global affairs. An excellent learning experience for our future leaders.

Keep up the great work, Muskies!

[Photo courtesy Stanley Center for Peace and Security Facebook]