Jindrich clarifies statement on pitbull ordinance

Fifth Ward City Council Representative John Jindrich has issued a clarification to remarks made during the discussion on the first reading of an ordinance striking Title 6, Chapter 9 (Keeping of Pit Bulls) from Muscatine City Code at the April 7 City Council meeting.

“I am the first to admit when I am wrong and I was not accurate with the 2019 numbers that I referenced,” Jindrich said. “I have great respect and admiration for the Muscatine Humane Society and the work they do. I commend their efforts to rehome not only pit bulls but all breeds of dogs and cats.”

During his comments Thursday on the ordinance, Jindrich stated that 29 pit bull dogs were taken in by the Muscatine Humane Society in 2019 with 26 euthanized. The number of euthanized pit bulls was in error.

Jindrich clarified that of the 29 pit bulls that were taken in by the Muscatine Humane Society in 2019, four were adopted, 10 were returned to their owners, two were transferred to other shelters, one pit bull puppy died from the parvo virus, and four remained at the shelter into 2020. Only eight of the original 29 were determined to be unadoptable.