Stop signs added as Houser-Grandview intersection reopens

The Houser Street leg of the Grandview Avenue intersection has been reopened to traffic but drivers should beware: the intersection will be a three-way stop through the remainder of the Grandview Avenue project.

Temporary stop signs were installed Friday after Heuer Construction, Inc., crews finished cleaning and sealing the intersection. The Mittman connection with Houser was opened Thursday.

Heuer Construction plans on continuing work on sidewalks and driveways from Franklin Street south toward Houser. The Sampson leg of the Grandview Avenue intersection is expected to be completed in mid- to late-September after all underground work is completed.

Drivers are reminded that there is a 25 mph speed limit and fines are doubled in the construction zone. Please be alert for construction workers and pay attention to traffic control devices.


Logan Street is closed to through traffic between Lucas and Climer streets with the contractor currently installing sewer from the alley toward Lucas. Once that section is completed, the contractor will place a temporary surface on the completed work and begin underground work from the alley towards Climer.

Local traffic will be permitted on Logan as the underground work is being completed. Once the underground work has been accomplished, the block of Logan will be prepped for paving and repaved.

Repaving Climer Street from the 700 block to High Street has been completed but the street will remain closed until sidewalk, driveways, and boxouts have been completed. Climer will be open to local traffic only once that is completed with the street closed at the High Street intersection.

Underground work on Climer from High to Logan will resume once work on Logan between Lucas and Climer has been completed. Advance notification will be given when this section of Climer is closed to traffic.

Lucas Street remains closed to traffic from Busch to West 8th as the contractor prepares this section of Lucas for repaving, which is scheduled for the week of August 22 depending on the weather.

Project work moving east on Lucas Street from the West 8th Street intersection continues with sanitary sewer pipe installed from West 8th up to the curve where Lucas becomes West 4th Street. Progressive closures of Lucas Street will occur moving to the east including the Main Street intersection. 

There will be limited access available with this section of Lucas reduced to one lane where the underground work is being completed. A temporary driving surface will be provided behind the underground work once the contractor determines it is safe to do so. Driveways along the work area will be inaccessible while the sewer is being installed, but the contractor will attempt to restore driveway access as quickly as possible with a temporary driving surface.