Dredging of boat harbor, downriver boat launch area to be conducted

Dredging of the Muscatine Boat Harbor and Marina will begin in the next two weeks after the dredge used for the operation was launched Friday morning from the downriver boat launch in Riverside Park.

That boat launch will be closed to the public starting Monday, September 19 for a dredging operation of its own. Braun Excavating will begin the removal of mud and debris from the ramp area of the boat launch with the first order of business removing the ramp and dock located near the Pearl City Station. 

The entire boat launch area will be blocked off throughout the operation. 

Individuals wanting to launch and/or recover their boats during this operation are asked to use the newer boat launch in the upriver end of Riverside Park.

Dredged material will be placed on the ramp to dewater before being removed from the site. The public is urged to stay off the old boat launch area and to avoid the piles of dredged material. 

Some parking restrictions may occur.

Crews from the Water Resource and Recovery Facility will be conducting the dredging operations of the Muscatine Boat Harbor and Marina. Dredged material will be piped to holding bags located in the old Hawkeye Lumber site and allowed to dewater and dry over the next several months.

Dredging operations should begin once the piping and floats are installed in the harbor, and the bags are placed and connected at Hawkeye Lumber.