Fall leaf collection to resume after brief pause

The fall leaf collection program was resumed by the Department of Public Works (DPW) Thursday after pausing for the past three days due to the winter weather that moved through Muscatine earlier this week.

Snow and ice control take precedence over all other work as trucks are outfitted with plows and salt boxes prior to the arrival of winter weather. Once the control efforts have been completed, the DPW trucks are washed down due to the accumulation of salt and put back into regular service.

One leaf vacuum truck was out Thursday with one more truck joining the effort on Friday according to DPW officials. Leaf collection completed Zone 5 Thursday and will start in Zone 6 Friday working through zones 7 and 8 to complete the second round.

Residents who have already raked their leaves to the curb are asked to be patient and that city crews will collect the deposited leaves as they move through each zone. An additional round of collection through the eight city zones is dependent on the weather.