Do you know the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in Iowa?

The countdown to the most epic feast of the year is on as Turkey Day returns tomorrow, marking the official start of the 2022 holiday season. With Thanksgiving comes some pretty delectable side dishes sure to garner your holiday table along with the Butterball centerpiece. Have you ever wondered which side dish is the most preferred in the state of Iowa?

Green bean casserole is the most sought-after side dish in the state of Iowa. [Stock Image/iStock]

A recent report released by that observed Google search results from November 2021 by each state. Rent analyzed 15 different Thanksgiving side dishes as selected by their team and the dish with the highest search interest in each state was determined to be that state’s favorite.

According to the report, green bean casserole has taken the honor in Iowa. In addition to Iowa, eight other states prefer the staple dish. These include Wisconsin, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, and Alaska.