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The Muscatine City Council will hear presentations on five subjects including public art, parking, and the crime free multi-housing program during the June in-Depth session.

The City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Council Chambers at Muscatine City Hall. The public is welcomed, and encouraged, to attend the meeting in person. A virtual option is available for citizens who do not want to attend in-person. Information on joining the virtual session through the GoToMeeting portal is listed below.

The City Council session will also be broadcast live on the City of Muscatine YouTube channel and on Civic-TV (Muscatine Power & Water Cable Channel 2).

Community Development Director Jodi Royal-Goodwin will open up the evening presentations by leading a discussion on the disposal of city owned property at 891 West 8th Street. The property was purchased as part of Phase 5 of the West Hill Sewer Separation Project with the house relocated during the construction process, and relocated back onto a new foundation once the construction was completed. The relocation of the home on the .74 acre lot also presented the opportunity for subdividing and creating a second buildable lot.

City staff is asking for direction on the best way to begin disposal of the two lots in accordance with the recently adopted property disposal policy.

A review of feedback from a meeting with contractors held earlier this spring in regards to the proposed Building Code updates will follow. The City of Muscatine Building Code is being updated due to recent changes to state code and will utilize the meeting feedback and feedback from Council in preparation of the update.

An overview of the Muscatine Police Department’s (MPD) Crime Free Multi-Housing Program will be led by Captain Jeff Jirak. MPD implemented the program with the goal of building a strong working relationship with landlords and property owners. This is a crime prevention program designed to reduce crime, drugs and gangs within rental properties.

The program consists of three phases of training that property managers complete to be certified: Management Training, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and Community Awareness. Crime Free Multi-Housing Program benefits for landlords include a stable, more satisfied tenant base, increased property values and improved personal safety for tenants, landlords, property managers and neighbors.

Muscatine Art Center Director Melanie Alexander will lead an overview of the Public Art Advisory Commission that was established in 2019 to promote and encourage programs to further public awareness of, accessibility to, participation in, and support for the artistic and cultural development of the City of Muscatine. Their mission is to use public spaces to share Muscatine’s history, create a memorable experience for residents and visitors, and to celebrate the stories of people living in the community.

Wrapping up the session will be Carol Webb, City Administrator, and Nancy Lueck, Finance Director, who will provide an overview of the parking ordinances and operations, and the categories of primary downtown parking users. During its goal setting session, the City Council made a review of the parking system in downtown Muscatine, and the identification of possible improvements as one of their goals. Potential improvements include updates to the parking configurations and updating equipment located in the downtown district.

Information on the other agenda items can be found by clicking AGENDA to download a PDF version of the City Council agenda and/or attachments.

On-Line Participation

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Muscatine City Council Meeting | Thursday, June 8, 2023 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (CDT)

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