2023 RAGBRAI arrives to Muscatine in two weeks – Voice Of Muscatine

The City of Muscatine is excited to welcome RAGBRAI participants to our community on July 29, 2023. Muscatine will serve as the final meetup town for this year’s event as bicyclists and their support teams ride from Coralville to Davenport on Day 7 of RAGBRAI.

The official route will begin on the west side of Muscatine on G28/Hershey Avenue at Independence Avenue. Streets on the route will not be closed to traffic but residents are urged to park off the streets or on the side streets between 7:00 a.m. and 2 p.m. for the safety of the bicyclists and to prevent possible damage to residents’ vehicles. 

This route includes a stop in Muscatines’ Riverside Park where RAGBRAI riders will have the rare opportunity for a “Double Dip in the Mississip”, and enjoy freshly cut watermelon, cold drinks, and good food. A water filling station will be available for riders they depart from the park and leave Muscatine via Washington Street/Highway 22 as they complete the final 27-mile ride to Davenport.

Riders will enter Muscatine on G28/Hershey Avenue, merge onto Mississippi Drive, and enter Riverside Park at the Iowa Avenue railroad crossing. After a restful break to take in the fun and excitement of the Muscatine riverfront, riders will exit at the Cedar Street entrance, turn right onto Mississippi Drive, left onto Mulberry Avenue, proceed through the roundabout, turn right onto East 5th Street, turn left onto Park Avenue, and turn right onto Washington Street/Highway 22 to travel to Davenport.

Residents who are directly impacted by the route have been notified with door hangers. City staff and RAGBRAI organizers have worked diligently to minimize disruptions and provide appropriate safety and support during the event. A plan is in place for emergency services to remain accessible throughout the day to the entire city.

The City of Muscatine encourages all residents to plan ahead and allow extra time for daily activities on July 29. It may be beneficial to make any necessary arrangements such as scheduling appointments, deliveries, or other time-sensitive tasks before or after the event to minimize inconvenience. If you are required to travel that day, please exercise patience and caution when navigating the area during the event. Expect traffic delays, increased pedestrian activity, street/intersection closures, and bicyclists in the area.

Most of the RAGBRAI riders will be on their way to the final stop in Davenport by 2 p.m. but the fun will continue until at least 5 p.m. down on the riverfront.

Keep Muscatine Beautiful will be hosting “RAGBRAI Fest” in the downriver grassy area of the Muscatines’ Riverside Park, providing the perfect area to listen to music provided by a local DJ from 8:30-11:00 a.m., and live music from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Riders will be able to grab a bite to eat from a variety of food trucks, have something cold to drink, and visit with fellow riders, friends, family, and community members as they “Meet Up” for the final time before heading to the finish. The businesses of Downtown Muscatine will be open for those wanting to shop or visit one of the local restaurants. Residents are welcome to attend.

There are many great options for photo opportunities while you are in Riverside Park including “Double Dip in the Mississip” frames, an “M” made of bicycle rims, John Deere tractor, the Fisher of Clams statue, Mississippi Mist splash pad, and all the amazing views with the Mississippi River in the background.

The Muscatine RAGBRAI planning committee includes the City of Muscatine, Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Keep Muscatine Beautiful, Muscatine Community Foundation, United Way of Muscatine, and the Melon City Bike Club.

Learn more at https://muscatine.com/ragbrai/.