Online pet registration now available for Muscatine residents – Voice Of Muscatine

The City of Muscatine reminds residents that you are required to license your dogs and cats according to City Code – and now that process is easier than ever! Purchasing a license tag and attaching it to your pet’s collar is one of the most important things you can do as a responsible pet owner. 

In addition, displaying a current Muscatine tag on your pet’s collar makes it easier for animal control officers and shelter employees to locate a lost pet’s owner information. Your pet’s current license could be their ticket home and a quicker reunion with family!

Muscatine has partnered with PetData, the nation’s only full-service animal licensing provider, to provide an easier registration process starting today (January 19, 2024). In a few weeks PetData will begin sending cat and dog owners their pet’s license renewal notice in the mail.  

But that’s not all. New with the Muscatine Pet Data site is the ability to also purchase Dog Park Passes. The passes will now be issued for the same term as the dog’s license tag, and Dog Park Passes may be purchased along with a dog license. Fees for passes are $15 for a one-year pass, $30 for a two-year pass, and $45 for a three-year pass.  These fees are in addition to the dog license fee for City of Muscatine residents. There is an option for non-residents of Muscatine to purchase a Dog Park Pass only, but the same documentation requirements apply.

Dog and cat licenses may be purchased for a term of one, two, or three years. Rabies vaccination must be current at time of licensing, and the vaccination must be valid for the entire license term. 

License fees for altered cats and dogs are $10 for a one-year license, $20 for a two-year license, or $30 for a three-year license. A fifty-percent discount on altered pet licenses is available to senior citizens aged 65 and up.

License fees for unaltered cats and dogs are $25 for a one-year license, $50 for a two-year license, or $75 for a three-year license.

Remember, all dogs and cats over six months old must have their rabies vaccinations and be licensed with Muscatine. Spaying and neutering is encouraged!

To license online, visit PetData/Muscatine and click “Online” under License Now to start. Cat and dog owners can license multiple pets at the same time and easily upload required documents. Remember to add a dog park pass! All major credit cards are accepted, and a small convenience fee will apply per transaction. 

To license by mail, pet owners can mail a copy of their pet’s current rabies certificate along with a check payable to Muscatine Animal Licensing to:

Muscatine Animal Licensing

C/O PetData

PO Box 141929

Irving, TX 75014

For additional information on pet licensing in Muscatine, please visit PetData/Muscatine or call 855-312-9069.

PetData is based in Dallas, Texas, and is the nation’s only full-service animal licensing provider. PetData has partnered with over 130 cities, counties and states over the past 28 years and has processed over 33 million licenses and rabies vaccinations. For more information, visit, or call 800-738-3463.