Valentine’s Day is one week away; Can you guess the most popular rom-coms in Iowa? – Voice Of Muscatine

(Courtesy Universal Pictures)

The month of February represents love! The production of romantic comedies surged in 2023, with an average of three new films hitting the screens each month. Reflecting this trend, PR Hub is excited to reveal its latest report on America’s Most Popular Rom-Coms by State.

Among the findings, it’s evident that the people of Iowa hold a particular fondness for 2007’s Knocked Up.

Entertainment experts at PR Hub delved into the top 30 rom-coms to analyze the top 5 favorites in each state. While Clueless emerged as the nation’s favorite topping in 21 states, the people of Iowa enjoyed watching Knocked Up.

(The most popular rom-coms in Iowa ranked in order of popularity in 2023)

1. Knocked Up
2. The Princess Bride
3. La La Land
4. Your Place or Mine
5. Say Anything