2023 was busy year for Muscatine Police Department; Annual report highlights challenges, successes during calendar year – Voice Of Muscatine

The Patrol Division of the Muscatine Police Department responded to 23,548 calls for service in 2023, an increase of 2,552 from the 2022 calendar year, all while facing and overcoming several challenges including personnel shortages and fuel and overtime costs.

This is one of the interesting facts you will find contained in the 2023 Annual Report of the Muscatine Police Department.

“In 2023 we were able to fill our vacancies and become fully staffed,” Tony Kies, Muscatine Police Chief, said. “However, we were still understaffed due to the extensive training that a new hire goes through.”

Kies, who is completing his first year as the Muscatine Police Chief, noted that despite the staffing issues, 2023 marked a return to community police events and business training efforts that were reduced or eliminated during the COVID years.

“That contributed to greater officer morale and relationship building between our officers and citizens of Muscatine,” Kies said.

The Patrol Division accounts for the majority of department personnel. Since uniformed personnel are the most visible representation of public safety, community involvement remains a top priority and includes “park and walks” where officers park their squad cars and walk through the neighborhoods interacting with Muscatine citizens.

Other highlights in the annual report include:

  • The establishment of a mental health support team for first responders, a group that includes Officer Samantha Wheeler and Fergus, an emotional support dog.
  • School Resource Officers completed ALIC (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training for all of the seven elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school.
  • K-9 units were utilized on 123 calls for service, an increase of 28 percent from the previous year.

Be sure to view or download a PDF version of the report to learn more about the Muscatine Police Department in 2023. Click on 2023 MPD Report to view or download the report.