Learning Environmental Analysis program aims to help development of children 0-3

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The Musser Public Library (MPL) is offering another cohort of LENA (Learning Environmental Analysis) to guide parents and adult caregivers in helping children ages 0-3 develop their minds, particularly in the area of language skills.

The no-cost program still has openings. It will begin around the middle of June and lasts 10 weeks.

During the program – at home and everywhere – participating children wear a small recording device. A shirt with a pocket for the device is provided. The device tracks how many words the people in their lives speak to them and their number of interactions. It does not record what words are being said.

Parents and caregivers meet weekly with the children’s librarians to learn more about how to talk to children up through age three (3) in an engaging and understandable manner. They also receive books for the children. Children are welcome at these sessions, but their attendance is not required.

The local LENA program is funded by a combination of an Early Childhood Iowa – Muscatine County grant and MPL funding.

Children’s Librarian Betty Collins encourages anyone interested to sign up for the next cohort by sending an email to her at bcollins@muscatineiowa.gov or calling her at (563) 263-3065.

For more information, visit the Musser Public Library and HNI Community Center website, visit the Musser Public Library Facebook site, or call 563-263-3065.