Two surplus Muscatine ambulances on journey to Ukraine, another to be sent

[Image Courtesy City of Muscatine]

Two surplus Muscatine ambulances were scheduled to be in Ukraine but the necessities of supporting the war effort in Ukraine had other priorities. The two ambulances are currently in transport to the East Coast where they will be loaded onto a cargo ship that will depart on July 3.

The two ambulances were scheduled to be loaded onto a cargo plane and flown to Poland, but those plans changed when other military and humanitarian supplies filled the cargo plane.

Gary Ronzheimer, Battalion Chief for the Muscatine Fire Department, said that a third Muscatine ambulance will be retired as soon as its replacement arrives. Once that third ambulance is declared surplus, it will be donated and transported to Ukraine.

The organization US Ambulances for Ukraine announced that nine ambulances have been donated with five currently in Ukraine, two in transit, and two being prepped. Seven more are pledged.