City considering moving two MusaBus shelters; Public comments sought

The Transit Division (MuscaBus) of the Department of Public Works is seeking public comment on a proposal to move two bus shelters in Muscatine. Public comments will be taken from Feb. 23 through March 9 by calling MuscaBus at 563-263-8152 or by emailing Transit Supervisor Amy Fortenbacher at

The first bus shelter that is proposed to be moved is at the intersection of Liberty and Warren streets. The shelter is currently located on Liberty Street but will be moved around the corner to Warren Street. The move will accommodate the addition of the pedestrian/bike trail that is being installed as part of the street/sidewalk reconstruction in the area.

The second bus shelter is currently located on East 5th Street just east of the Mulberry Avenue intersection. The Transit Division proposes to relocate the shelter closer to residential housing on Bloomington Lane. The current MuscBus stop on Bloomington Lane between Sunset Park and the Muscatine Soccer Complex does not have a shelter.

The 5th Street location has not been used as a bus shelter, but used more as a place to congregate and smoke.

If you would like to leave a comment or would like additional information, please call MuscaBus at 563-263-8152 or email Transit Supervisor Amy Fortenbacher at

The public comment period is open Feb. 23 through March 9.