Iowa FFA chapters grow, increasing the need for new advisors

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The emergence of new chapters highlights the need to add FFA advisors in Iowa.

Iowa FFA Foundation executive director Josh Remington says the state has added more than 20 chapters the past five years.

“That’s pretty significant growth (and) we’re excited about that.”

But he tells Brownfield the need for new FFA advisors is also significant.

“Amen! It’s our number one challenge and our number one hurdle. As we look toward 2029, our 100th anniversary in Iowa, we recognize that having enough ag advisors to have all the programs we want will be the number one challenge.”

To meet the challenge, he says Iowa FFA is working on some unique programs to help recruit, retain, and support teachers.

Brownfield interviewed Remington Wednesday at the Iowa Ag Expo in Des Moines.