Musser Public Library to offer ‘Library of Rock’ to local youth this fall

Hey teens. If you ever had visions of rocking out with friends but have not learned your instrument well enough yet or played along with others, you can find your way to rock ‘n’ roll glory at the Musser Public Library this Fall.

Teens’ Librarian Mr. Emerson Taylor is inviting all middle school and high school students to join him for an epic program called “Library of Rock.”

Being part of this group will teach you how to play in a rock band, even if you have just started playing. Sessions will be from 5:45 to 7:30 p.m. every Friday in October and on November 4.

“I think that every teen should have the opportunity to participate in a ‘garage band’ experience as a way to express themselves and follow their interest,” Taylor said, noting the library is not very busy on Friday evenings. “I am really looking forward to this new venture because depending on the interest of the group, we may have a country, rock or hip-hop sound.”

He added that he is hoping to enlist other adult musicians to help with the program. 

“I play several instruments and can help them,” Taylor said. “And we may have more music teachers joining the program to give pointers.”

If you are interested in trying Library of Rock or have any questions, contact Mr. Taylor by visiting his office on the library’s first floor, or you can email him at or call (563) 263-3065 ext. 128.