Muscatine Police Department continues active involvement with community; 2022 annual report now available

[City of Muscatine]

The Muscatine Police Department has released the 2022 annual report highlighting the activities of the various divisions and programs sponsored by the department. Click on the following link to download the 2022 Annual Report as a PDF.

One of the highlights from the Patrol Division is the success of the Project ABLE program, a concept designed to prevent public harm through developing a department-wide commitment to the ideals of peer intervention. Training to the Project ABLE standards has resulted in no personnel complaints in 2022.

Several programs also saw continued success in 2022 including:

  • The POPCAN Project works to create a safer environment in places where a higher volume of calls for service and serious incidents have transpired.
  • The Code Blue program assisted six families in need during 2022 by providing meals and emotional support.
  • The “Book and a Badge” series, a partnership with Musser Public Library that talks about different aspects of a police officer’s job and allowed officers to read a book to children during each episode.
  • Continued support for the Muscatine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) group that is helping to ensure that all segments of the Muscatine community feel included and supported.
  • Continued use of Problem Oriented Policing (POP) and Community Policing (COP) projects as the cornerstone of proactive law enforcement efforts in Muscatine. That allows for greater communication and interaction between citizens and law enforcement.

Be sure to download and review the report linked above for more detailed information about these and other programs and divisions sponsored by the Muscatine Police Department.