Police watching for protesters heading to Muscatine

The Muscatine Police Department and the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office are prepared for any potential demonstrations in Muscatine, but are hoping that they will not be needed. “The Muscatine Police Department and Muscatine Sheriff’s Office are aware of the Facebook posts that have been circulating about protesters coming to Muscatine,” Brett Talkington, Muscatine Police Chief, said. “At this time there is no credible information leading us to believe that there is a threat to the community. We will continue to monitor the situation throughout town and are ready to respond as needed.”

Talkington urged citizens to call 911 if they see groups forming or anything suspicious.  “We have been preparing since these rumors first appeared in social media this morning,” Talkington said. “All law enforcement, along with the Fire Department, are ready to respond to the needs of keeping our community safe.”

Several businesses have responded to the rumors by closing their doors and sending staff home. That in cludes the Musser Public Library and HNI Community Center who closed their doors at 1 p.m. today. Monday (June1) was the first day the public was allowed back into the facility and the Library currently plans to reopen at 10 a.m. Tuesday, but urged patrons to check the Library’s Facebook page.

All other city operations are continuing as normal.

As of 2:30 p.m. Monday (June 1), no gatherings of protestors were found by law enforcement personnel. Police indicated that if the demonstrators do arrive, law enforcement personnel will be on site to allow for a peaceful protest while protecting the lives and property against a violent protest.

This story originally appeared on the Voice of Muscatine. Read More local stories here.

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